June 22, 2012

Creative Calling – June

You are unique.  God made you that way.  We all have different gifts and talents.  For those of us with creative gifts it is so easy to compare ourselves and our art with others.

If you’ve taken art history or strolled a museum or gallery, you have probably thought, like I have, that there is no way your art would ever measure up to the standards of the masters.

The feeling of inadequacy kept me from attending art school for many years.  Even though I knew God had given me a passion, I did not have the faith that I was good enough to make any kind of difference in the art world.

I have a desk plaque.  I got it when I worked as a graphic artist years ago.  It has my name and title.  Rebekah Bell – Artist.  I kept the plaque when I left that job and it wasn’t until then that it came to mean something special to me.  You see, before that job I had no confidence in myself as an artist.  But I loved art!  God provided that job for me and used it to build me up and inspire me to study art further.  When I left that is just what I did.  Whenever I look at it now, I remember the path the Lord took me to give me that confidence.

The truth is, I’m not good enough, none of us are.  There is a verse that is often taken out of context, we say it to each other for comfort, “God doesn’t give you what you can’t handle”.  Really that’s not the whole truth.  God doesn’t give you what you can’t handle IN HIM.  Philippians 4:13 says “I can do all this through him who gives me strength.”  It’s all about Him!  It’s not about what we can accomplish in life, it’s about doing what we are called to do for Christ, and relying on Him to get it done.

When we let go of prideful thinking, and yes, insecurity is pride!  We open up the door for God to use us.

“Humble yourself before Him.”  James 4:10

Pride is not pleasing to God, it is imperative that we humble ourselves before him, because “apart from him, we can do nothing.” John 15:4-5

We not only need to humble ourselves before God, we need to humble ourselves before others.

Luke 17:10 reminds us that when we use our gifts for him, “we have only done our duty.”  This verse is not saying it’s wrong to feel good about ourselves or what we have made.  We should take pleasure in pleasing God, that should be an ambition, but when we receive compliments on our work we need to learn to receive them with grace and humility.

What is your motivation for creating?  Is it to glorify God or yourself?  Jeremiah 45:5 says “should you then seek great things for yourself?  Seek them not.”

If we are truly ministering in the name of Jesus, our motivation should be Him and His glory.

“Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves.  Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others.” Philippians 4:3-4

If you create for God’s glory, there is no need to compare yourself with other artists or have insecurity.  You simply follow God’s leading, and create what He reveals to you.

“Always give yourself fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that our labor in the Lord is not in vain.”  1 Corinthians 15:58

The work that we do as artists is the work of the Lord.

Can you begin to see yourself as God sees you?  As the artist you are?  Get yourself a plaque if you need it J

June 6, 2012


(picture taken from Hope Thru Art's Facebook page) 
For those of you who were not at the last meeting we want to tell you about a very exciting opportunity to make Art for the homeless. Steve is an awesome man of God who lives among and ministers to the homeless in Phoenix. He started his ministry, Hope Thru Art (check out his Facebook Page) about 20 years ago and he makes Art and hangs it on trees and fences in the area so anyone who needs to hear a message of Hope is welcome to take them to keep. He also hands out white socks and water. We want to help support his organization. When I asked what he needed, he said more ART and WATER and WHITE SOCKS. How easy is that? We can do that?
When you hear the (goosebump) stories he told me about how God has used Art to change lives in amazing ways- we couldn't wait to share this with the group. Those at the meeting were very excited to be a part. So here is how you can help.

Make Art: 

  • 10" x 10" pieces of cardboard will be used (we will be tying strings to them and hanging from fences and trees) - also Hope Thru Art includes their information on the back so that they can follow up and minister to anyone who contacts them. 
  • You can paint, write poems, encouraging words like Hope- Mercy- Forgiveness (only requirement is that it needs to be from you heart)
  • Artwork can be very simple to very detailed (again do what is on your heart) 
  • Make as many pieces as you want 

Bring all Artwork to our meeting on July 1st. You must attend this meeting in order to participate in this ministry. (unless you have a very good excuse and you buy Susan and Bekah chocolate, then we might reconsider)  No really, the reason it is important to be at our July 1st meeting is because we will not have any other time to distribute all the details and we need to know how many are interested in participating so we can arrange the transportation. Please be in prayer about whether or not you are to be a part of this ministry opportunity.

The following Saturday, July 7th (early morn) we will  caravan to "the Garden" which is an area designated by Steve, where we will serve alongside his team. We are there to assist them anyway we can. On this Saturday, we will be handing out water and white socks, so if you can bring any of this- that would be great. (if you can't attend this Saturday service day,  but want to contribute Art- you can. Just bring Art to July 1st meeting)

If you have anymore questions, please email us: 1oneartgroup@gmail.com

Blessings~    Susan

June 5, 2012


IDENTITY – Art Journey Through The Book Of John
As a group this year, we are studying the Book of John.  What 1:One Art Group is all about, is taking what we learn from God's Word and creating art for God’s Glory!  We make it a point that we are not simply "illustrating Bible stories" but letting God teach and inspire us.  You are encouraged to study on your own, and we also are open to studying together.  (please let us know if you are interested in a weekly Bible study)

What the fourth gospel (John) is all about is IDENTITY.  It is the revelation of who Jesus is.  As you study, ask these two questions;
1-“What does this say about who Jesus is?” and
2-“What does this say about who I am?”
The Gospel of John can be divided into 2 parts.  We would like you to focus on producing at least 2 pieces of art this year.  One for each part of the book.  You may be inspired to do many more & that is great!  You may even choose to do a series for each part.  These pieces will be eligible for submission into our 2nd annual Art Show February 2013!  (more on that in another post)

Chapters 1-12 of John are called “The Book of Signs” Jesus revealing himself(June - August)
Chapters 13-21 are called “The Book of Glory” His purpose          (September - December)

For our next meeting: Through studying the first part of the book of John & taking notes, begin to write/sketch ideas for your first art piece.  Start working on it!  Bring whatever you have to the meeting (July 1) and be ready to share with the group. Don’t be intimidated! Our group is open to anyone, any skill level, and any art medium! Our goal is to encourage & lift you up and grow together as the artists God called us to be. 
Some things to explore in “The Book of Signs”;
Authority (over Jewish law, and Jewish leaders)
Messiah (fulfillment of prophesy)
Spiritual birth
Living water
True nourishment (Spiritual food)
Some things to explore in “The Book of Glory”;
On trial
Passover meal (The Last Supper)
Jesus’ farewell speech
The Holy Spirit

There are many more great topics to explore as you study.  It’s going to be so exciting to see the different things the Lord will bring out for each of us.

Let’s DIG in deep to God’s Word and DISCOVER Jesus’ IDENTITY, and our IDENTITY in Him, so we can DISPLAY our faith visually for His Glory!
Bekah :)